Stonks & Friends!

Stonks & Friends Season 1: Chapter 1 will be launching soon and will be a FREE MINT!

Chapter 1 will consist of 1,000 Digital Collectibles consisting of 250 of each of our 4 characters: Stonks, Dodger, Burton the Bull, and Barry The Bunny.

All holders of Chapter 1 will receive a FREE Chapter 2 digital collectible when it launches later this year and a FREE playable avatar for our upcoming Metaverse, “STONKS WORLD!

Laid Back Dodger
Flight Barry

Meet STONKS and his friends!


STONKS is a young ape who has many exciting adventures with his friends. He's the leader of the team, and believes everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect! Stonks is also absolutly obsessed with 80's music and loves eating tendies.


DODGER is Stonks' best friend and pal! Dodger loves peanut butter, bacon and pancakes! He always has his trusty music player by his side, with some sweet tunes ready to go! When he's not on an adventure with Stonks, Dodger moonlights as a Private Detective.

The Bull

THE BULL is a renowned warrior and loves cheeseburgers and milkshakes! His first name is Burton but everyone knows him as THE BULL! Burton has big muscles, but an even bigger heart, and is a crucial member of the team when the going gets tough!


BARRY THE BUNNY is the wildcard of the crew! Barry's a hilarious prankster, he's always craving carrot cake, and he's an absolute blast on the drums! Barry makes his first appearance in the upcoming book: Stonks and the Ginormous Jorts!


Read Stonks Latest Adventures!

Stonks and the ginormous jorts!

Embark on an electrifying journey alongside Stonks, Dodger, and their new pal, Barry the Bunny, as they harmonize their talents and form an unstoppable band!

Stonks Goes The Distance!

Get ready to rumble with “STONKS GOES THE DISTANCE!” the third book in the Stonks Series!

Stonks & Dodger Save Christmas!

"STONKS AND DODGER SAVE CHRISTMAS!" is a thrilling and uplifting Christmas adventure, and the sequel to the hit book “STONKS ON THE MOON!”

Stonks on the Moon!

Get ready to blast off with "STONKS ON THE MOON!" This out-of-this-world adventure is a heartwarming tale about believing in yourself and shooting for the stars!

More Adventures Coming Soon!

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