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Stonks and the Ginormous Jorts!

Get ready to Rock and Roll with “STONKS AND THE GINORMOUS JORTS!”, the thrilling fourth installment in the STONKS SERIES!

Embark on an electrifying journey alongside Stonks, Dodger, and their new pal, Barry the Bunny, as they harmonize their talents and form an unstoppable band!

In pursuit of musical glory, the friends compete in the most epic showdown in the world: The Battle of the Bands! Barry has always dreamed of super stardom, but is nervous that he’ll choke and become a laughingstock. However, with the support of Stonks and Dodger, Barry faces his fears and shows the world that no matter how small he is, he can still rock out in a drumming performance that will echo throughout the ages!

Will The Ginormous Jorts crank it up to 11 and shred their way to legendary status or will their dreams of rock stardom fall flat?

Grab your backstage pass and witness the explosive, earth-shattering Amp vs Amp finale that will leave you screaming for an encore!!!

Stonks Goes The Distance!

This heartfelt and epic underdog story follows the journey of a brave ape named Stonks, who’s ready to take on his biggest challenge yet – a Grizzly Bear Boxing Champion with paws the size of boulders!

With the unwavering support of his coach and his Dad, Stonks is determined to train harder than ever before for the fight of his life. Will he be able to dig deep and summon the courage to go the distance and emerge victorious? Or will he end up as bear food?

Buckle up for a heart-pumping adventure that’ll have you cheering on the edge of your seat! Don’t miss out on this thrilling adrenaline-fueled tale of determination and bravery!

Stonks & Dodger Save Christmas!

Meet Dodger, a cute and cuddly pup who calls the moon his home but desperately yearns to be reunited with his family! Along with his best friend Stonks, they embark on an epic journey to find Santa, with the hope that he can bring Dodger’s family to the moon for Christmas!

But things are not so easy, as they soon discover that all of Santa’s reindeer are sick, and Christmas is in jeopardy. Can Dodger and Stonks rise to the challenge and help Santa save Christmas, all while making Dodger’s dream come true? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Join Dodger and Stonks on a thrilling ride filled with action, laughter, and holiday cheer! It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Stonks on the moon!

Get ready to blast off with “STONKS ON THE MOON!” This out-of-this-world adventure is a heartwarming tale about believing in yourself and shooting for the stars!

Stonks is a young ape who has always dreamed of going to the ultimate theme park on the moon, but currently only hedgehogs can afford to buy rockets to make the trip. With the encouragement of his Dad, and all of Apetown working together, Stonks builds a rocket and blasts off in hopes of making a lunar landing!

Are you ready for takeoff? Buckle up and get ready to join Stonks on his thrilling ride TO THE MOON! As they say in space, “Let’s get ready to rocket and roll!”

More Adventures Coming Soon!

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